Binary Referral System

This can be a very rewarding system for both users and the admin. If a binary referral system is implemented this allows each member of the site to add two members to their downline and so forth. This instigates the process of Auto Spillover.

Unilevel System

This is a popular system that is used in many sites on the internet. It sets the width of referrals to 0, and allows members unlimited referrals, which should encourage activity.

Unlimited Deep Level Matrix

This sets the system width to zero, which enables members to have unlimited levels in their downline, and thus an infinite amount of referrals.

Auto Spillover

This is integrated within a system and is a very innovative system. It allows users to only have a limited amount of distributors and has a compensation plan incorporated within it, should those users exceed the correct amount of distributors.


Product Based Commission

Based on the volume of sales of a particular product, the admin can set the correct commission rate.


This is an incentive system which rewards users for good conduct on the site, such as their safety. This should encourage good behavior on the site.

PV Bonus

Admins can set this constant variable when they first set up in the system and can be used as an empirical bonus in the future.

E-Pin Management

This allows users to download and send E-Pins. It is also useful as a regulatory tool which allows the admin to see the history of all E-Pin transactions made.

Currency Management

For ease of access, currency conversion services are already integrated within our mlm software. This is conducive to effective management of the site and transactions.

Multiple/sub-admin management

If more than one person has access to managing the site, then the admin can use this feature to define the level of power that each sub-admin has.

Admin Earnings

This allows Admins to see a complete breakdown of the revenue they have generated by each earning source such as commissions and referrals.

Download of Payment History report in PDF format

This is a useful tool to have for admins and users to see their transactions.

Facebook page option in Product Details Admin Page

Again this is a good technique of networking and promoting the site and sales.

Footer advertisement banners- controlled by Admin

This allows the Admin to manage all advertising which is displayed on the site, of which there will be a plethora of unlimited options to choose from to add to the URL.

Google Analytics Code

This can be used by the admin to track the amount of site visitors and which source/operating system they originate from.


Using this tool, the admin can send a newsletter to all users who are on the site, giving them important information and announcements of promotions and offers and the like.

Block IP address

If a user contravenes the terms of use of the site, then the admin can block them using this module and stop them entering the site.

Simple and fast browsing of e-products

This option allows the user to easily browse through products at their leisure and make any purchases that they want to.

Efficient and easy Checkout process

Using the multitude of transaction methods and digital wallets which are available to them such as Payza and Paypal, the customer can have an easy and pain-free experience in buying their items using this module.

View number of downloads made for products purchased

Here the admin can track the popularity of a certain product and target their advertising accordingly.

Supports graphical Genealogy tree for each user

This allows the user to see exactly what their downline is like and the relationships between each user in their tree.

View pending paid and withdrawal transactions

This is again a useful tool for the user as they are able to keep track of all monetary transactions used on the site.

Registration Settings


This allows a new user to complete an easy online registration form with optional and mandatory details specified by the admin.

Affiliate banners to refer members

An important asset of the site is the ability to be able to refer members and that is one of the main reasons people join. Using this tool, the admin can control the banners and advertisement links which are at the disposal of each user to try and attract new members. As such, these also allow the members to get more revenue. The admin can delete advertisement tools if they deem it to be appropriate.

Separate tool to view the sales history of products

To help you keep on top of all sales and the volume of activity that occurs within your site, this handy tool enables you to see a full breakdown of all the transactions that are made within the site and the essential data which comes with that such as page views, downloads, price and so forth.

Pop up settings

This allows you to track and manage all the HTML settings of various cookies which are on your site. Users of your site will not want to be bothered by annoying adverts.

Online screen keyboard for password entry

This will help users of mobile applications and the like to access your site with ease and make sure that you appeal to a wider audience.

Offline payment gateways

To attract an even greater number of users, our mlm software also uses offline payment methods such as hardwire or cheque.


Customers can use e-wallets to make payments and this tool allows the admin to keep track of these payments for ease of maintenance.

Commissions settings for Packages

Again this is a handy tool to have and allows admin even more control and flexibility.

Graphical and security validation of network settings

This allows the admin to keep track of their network and ensure that there are no incoming threats to their site.

Guest User

Admins can keep track of members who have just used the site in a guest capacity without formally logging in.

Banner Settings

This allows the admin full control of the banners which are used to promote their site.

Forced matrix (Mxn)

This is a very conventional program structure and its use is prevalent across the internet. In this case, it refers to the width and depth of downline combinations that each member can use. Admins can manage this through this system.

X-Up Matrix

This very clever system transfers the first X members of a user’s downline to a sponsor, which should encourage collaboration. In order to participate in such a system, a user must have signed up X members to take part. Once they have met the necessary requirements, all future recruits to be given to them, instead of a sponsor.

Cycle Matrix

This allows users to participate in a cumulative causation model of cycles. Once a user has participated in a cycle, this system then enables them to participate in another cycle.

Physical and Digital Products

The admin can add both physical and digital products from their home hub. They can then share the products using their personalized promotional tag. Based on the sale of the relevant products, the admin can set the appropriate pricing and commission levels.


In addition, the admin can also control subscription services and set up a payment structure within the site.


If users don’t use the system in the correct way, then the admin can set an appropriate sanction if they are in breach of the site rules.

Vouchers Management

The admin can set the level and frequency of voucher rewards and pass them on with the appropriate purchases. These can be used as a very effective rewards option.

Shipping Service (Using companies such as UPS)

Utilizing the services of a shipping company can help the person in charge of the site select the appropriate medium of transporting the products.

Change Sponsor

This allows the admin to have first choice on a sponsor and change it if they need to.

Admin can create the dynamic web page

This allows admins to manipulate the web page format to attract more customers.

Admin Earnings download in PDF Format

This lists an admins earnings by the current day, week, month or even annual earnings.

Download of E-Shopper reports in PDF Format

Again this is useful for site management and these can be found by a simple time and date search.

User-reset password

The admin can reset a user’s password from their home panel, which is particularly useful if a user forgets their password and needs it changed.

Facebook share option in Product List User Page

This can be used as a powerful social media tool when the product is listed to enhance visibility and gain more customers.

Facebook page option in Product Details User Page

This is good for the user to try and get some more sales.

STMP Settings

This allows the admin to monitor all communication which goes through the site and make sure that it complies with the site’s rules.

Secure login and logout process

our mlm software has a very secure site use process and allows users to protect their details very well.

Add products to cart

Again the site is very accessibly when using this software and very efficient in allowing customers to buy things.

View the list of products purchased

The user has the option of viewing their payment history to keep track of all the products and items they have bought.

View complete transaction history

The user can see all their activity that they have done on the site using this tool.

View their up and downlines

This allows the user to keep track of vital personal details as well as seeing the amount of referrals and income that they have made using the downline system.

View Complete commission details

This tool completes the downline tree by adding extra information of the exact income earned from each user.

Option to update user information

This allows a user to update their personal information such as date of birth, bank details and current address which simplifies their site experience.

Change Password

This allows an admin the ability to change passwords and keep the security of the site very good. This is a really useful tool to have.

Effective withdraw request form

This allows members to withdraw money in a clear and ordered manner to encourage their continued use in the site.

Graphical member statistics in admin dashboard

Maths and numbers can be a real vehicle for understanding and the wealth of statistics and graphs in the admin dashboard can give you a real insight into the users of your sight and inform vital decisions about the operation of it.

Image Auto Captcha

To ensure that your site is being accessed by real humans, this tool allows you to get a captcha as extra security to prevent spammers and scanning.

Online payment gateways

The more payment options you have, the more customers and sales and profit you make. This tool supports a numerous amount of these applications such as PayPal and Gold wallet.

Commissions settings for cycling

This allows the admin to set up the appropriate reward for referring members and change it at their discretion.

Database back up in control panel

This allows a full back up of data in the worst case scenario of the system getting corrupted or breaking down.

Affiliate replicating websites and separate products

This allows for members to copy the logo and design of affiliates to get them more revenue.

Bulk import of database users

The admin can input a large volume of users by xls or csv format to save valuable time.

Database restore

The admin can reboot and rest the database in xql format if accidental changes have been made to it.