The glory of success lies in delivering the solutions to the clients at their doorstep. The firm acts with immediate impulse for identifying the problems and reciprocate with solutions in apt manner. The delivery of excellence makes every clients happy and mint money with the assistance of our company products. The support to the products gives ample satisfaction and caters the professionalism in service industry. The company has good technical support where enough guidelines given to solve the query asked by the customer’s. More over the software is developed in such a way to reduce the post- installation support for making secure and safe purchase of the product to the customer’s.

Free support
The service of support to the customer’s is of free cost so one should not worry about the cost factor. The customer’s are always entitled to 30 days free service from the date of purchase and technical support offered through e-mail. The technical support can vary from answering simple queries or logging in to the server for investigation and rectifying the minor problems if so problem arises.

The 30 days free service is more than enough for installing and configuring the software on your server with little assistance of answering the simple queries. If the customer’s need to have technical support after 30 days of free period , then they can opt for the paid service.
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