Stop being a member, Be a Webmaster! Get your own AJ Matrix script, start your online business and earn money from home. The following requirements must be met by the hosting service to run AJ Matrix. Please consult your web hosting company.
FTP Access
Ftp access is needed to upload the script to your host via ftp protocol, sure you can unzip the script into the folder directly on your server if you have ssh access or have direct access to the console. You can use any ftp client you like, there are several things you need to know while installing the script, you can find these with the help of installation guide.
Web Space
Minimum 60 MB (for system without any Data. 1GB is recommended because the system may have lot of product images)


  • 1 GB – 2 GB (recommended)

Operating Systems

 PHP Compatibility
  • 5.3,
  • Safe_mode off
  • register_globals off
  • curl
  • simpleXML
  • Memory_limit 32M or more.
Server Side Script
  • PHP 5.3 (Or Later)
Web Servers
  • Apache 2.2.x / IIS 6.0 (Or Above).
  • 5.0 or Advance Versions
  • MyISAM storage engine.