Once a product has been purchased from AJ Square Ltd and this product has been downloaded then we are unable to offer a refund. Purchasing a product from us signifies that you understand and agree with this policy. The products we sell are digital and therefore intangible which means that they cannot be returned. The site licence for any product purchased can only be activated by a one way sequence and is not able to be returned once it has been activated, which is the reasoning behind this policy. By making a purchase you are agreeing that you understand that no product can be returned or refunded and this includes licence fees, plugins, renewable purchases and products that have previously been downloaded.

Installation Issues

The customer has full responsibility for setting up their own server. In exceptional circumstances we will claim responsibility for problems with installation. However, it is still the responsibility of the customer to set up their server and install the files to their own computer.

However, we do accept that on occasions things do go wrong and we will review these situations on a case by case basis to decide whether a refund will be offered.

The following situations are examples of the types of problems that may arise when a refund would be considered.

Files Not Received

If a problem with mailing has occurred and you have not received the files that have been purchased then in the first instance you should contact our technical team who will resend the files to you. If you would prefer to receive a refund then you must make a claim within fifteen days of the purchase being made. If we have not heard from you by this time then we will assume that all files have been received.

Not Able To Unrar

If you cannot unrar the files then again the technical team should be the first point of contact. If the problem cannot be solved then the customer must make a claim for a refund within fifteen days or we will assume that the files are working.

Functionality Defects

If any features of the files are not functioning, or if they do not work as described on the website then this should be reported to the technical team who will try to rectify the problem free of charge. If this is not possible then a claim for a refund should be made within fifteen days.

Support Issues

If our technical team do not respond to a request for assistance within fifteen consecutive days then you are entitled to a refund as part of our commitment to excellent customer service.