Most people are of the opinion that it is rather difficult to build an MLM business. They feel that it is a herculean task to get downlines and give up even before they actually start. However, a lot of people have made a killing in their MLM business by following a carefully laid down plan. Here a six MLM tips that can take your business to heights you never dreamed possible and helsp you in your MLM Downline Growth.

1. Look at the big picture. Network marketing involves more than just recruiting people. Getting leads is the easy part; you need to teach them how to function without supervision from you. Your MLM business would grow exponentially if you have a huge team of distributors across the country who can in turn build their own teams without any further input from you.

MLM Tips

2. Work on building a personal email list: The importance of a personal email list cannot be overemphasized, and it is surprising that a lot of people in the MLM business are not taking advantage of this very important component. People like to relate with you and not some company. So, get a personal list of their email addresses and send them personal messages frequently.

3. Get an effective sales funnel: You are leaving a lot on the table if you are not utilizing sales funnels. Your marketing efforts provide you with leads, which you can sell to repeatedly, if you have a sales funnel in place. A funnel is a system that allows you to sell an affordable information product containing relevant tips to your leads. So, you have people who are willing to buy from you on an ongoing basis. You can later offer them your MLM opportunity.

4. Use online video presentations: Do not be afraid of appearing before a camera. It is a known fact that videos convert way more than plain texts and so you would not fare well if you use merely articles when trying to get people to join your MLM team. With basic tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create high quality videos that would set your recruitment process on autopilot! Simply record your voice over a PowerPoint presentation and you would have a perfect combination. Afterwards you can plug it into your autoresponder series. You could also set up weekly webinars where team members can send people to view experts talk about your MLM business. This would see you attracting recruits really fast!

5. Always Sell Stuff. Sell stuff to your downline and people in other teams. Offer them information products that would help their business and they would happily hand you their money and thank you for it. You can write about topics ranging from domain hosting, domain registration, and autoresponders. This would put a lot of money in your pocket. Most of the top guys in leading MLM companies make a huge percentage of their money from selling their CDs and books. Usually, MLM organizations are made up of people who are hungry for information and are very willing to pay to get it. So, there are always opportunities to sell your products.

6. Have a duplication system on ground. As I stated earlier, do more than just recruit downlines. Have a duplication system in place so that your downlines can start making money immediately. This would prevent them from being discouraged and throwing in the towel. Building a duplication system is not really an easy thing to do, as it requires a lot of time, effort, and money on your part. You would need step by step training guides for your recruits, without which they would have to follow the company’s ineffective training methods. So, you need detailed training that would educate your recruits on what network marketing is and how it works. You would also need to train them on how to properly carry out marketing activities (traffic generation), online and offline recruiting training, as well as issues relating to duplication. Furthermore, holding team meetings on a weekly basis helps to boost the morale of your downlines, making them put more effort into growing the team.

So, there you have it, six incredible tips that would help your MLM business grow in leaps and bounds. Incorporate these MLM tips into business and you would be glad you did.

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